we teach boxing to those who want to learn boxing as a means of gaining fitness and help take your boxing to the next level.



Loaded with mitt and bag work, this class has a strong focus on boxing technique and conditioning. We get your body ready to box with a solid warm-up, stretching and strengthening, before we wrap and glove up! Each class features a unique boxing sequence with punches, footwork, and head movement. Our sixty-minute sweat session will finish with core strengthing ab-work to give you a complete, full body workout.


Punches, kicks, knees, and elbows! Our kickboxing class

integrates muay thai,  boxing techniques, strength, and conditioning. Mitt and bag work included, this tough sixty-minute workout begins with a dynamic warmup to stretch, and maintain flexibility. Wrap and glove up, JFM kickboxing is a full body blast ending with a core strengthening ab series!


Defense in real-time, put your training into action! Accelerate overall boxing technique as reflexes will be put to the test.  Sparring partners get the chance to refine their punches, footwork, and head movement. It’s not a fight, it’s an opportunity to improve performance.


Our private training is designed to fit any and all individuals. You get to choose whichever martial art/s you would like to focus on, whether it is boxing, kickboxing, or MMA. Further, personal goals are established, and we device the proper way to achieve them through tough workout, and lifestyle choices.

Phone: 310-882-6969

Address: 3127 Washing blvd,

               Marina del Rey, 90292,


Email: Info@jfmboxingclub.com

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